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Power Distribution Boxes | Personal Protection

Even with proper use of electrical consumers, life-threatening fault currents can occur, e.g. caused by wear and tear, faulty insulation or damaged mains cables. If these defects remain unnoticed, there is an increased risk of accidents, especially in connection with moisture.
Reliable protection with dedicated RCDs
Power distribution boxes are used as distributors in vehicles, on machines and indoors if several consumers are to be used simultaneously in conjunction with an inverter with galvanic isolation.
Cost-effective protection of a mains socket
Leakage protectors provide effective protection against electrical accidents. If a residual current occurs in the consumer circuit, they disconnect the consumer from the mains immediately.

Power Distribution Box IVT BNV-3 for inverters

Item no. 430056

383,53 EUR
VAT incl.
Power Distribution Box IVT BNV-3 for inverters, Device with signs of usage

Item no. 430056.2

177,30 EUR | 383,53 EUR
VAT incl.
Leakage Protector EverFlourish EMP200S-1

Item no. 2.0645

22,24 EUR
VAT incl.