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Lighting Technology Staudte Hirsch

We are driven by our passion for engineering and the ambition to develop innovative products to a more than fair cost-benefit ratio.
"The objective to constantly remain among the best in our field is our motivation."

Marketed under the trademark Staudte Hirsch, our developers have set themselves the goal of developing products that set new standards in their category. Even the first impression leaves no doubt – Staudte Hirsch products are just what you would expect from a German manufacturer:

Sturdy Manufacture

Long-life components, scratch-proof glass and a robust housing – Staudte Hirsch lamps stand up to extreme conditions.

Pioneering Technology

Emergency light and ashing light function, several power settings, swiveling lamp head – Staudte Hirsch lamps are pioneering in their technical features.

Extraordinary Funktion

LED technology of the latest generation, innovative double beam principle, intensive or even illumination – Staudte Hirsch lamps provide unusually powerful illumination.

Powerful Performance

Long periods of work and varied working environments – powerful lithium-ion batteries provide reliable, constant and good brightness, right to the last second.
Discover the unique combination of more than 20 years engineering expertise, paired with the applying latest technologies. Designed in Germany. Powered by IVT.

LED Floodlight Staudte Hirsch SH-5.700, 60 W, 6000 lm

Item no. 557000

149,80 EUR | 179,80 EUR
VAT incl.
LED Hand Lamp Staudte Hirsch SH-5.300, 3 W, 225 lm

Item no. 553000

89,00 EUR
VAT incl.
LED Penlight Staudte Hirsch SH-5.400, 50 lm

Item no. 554000

17,95 EUR
VAT incl.
LED Flashlight Staudte Hirsch SH-5.410, 150 lm

Item no. 554100

24,80 EUR
VAT incl.
LED Flashlight Staudte Hirsch  SH-5.420, 1000 lm

Item no. 554200

59,80 EUR
VAT incl.