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Start-up Current Limitation

Smooth commissioning of electrical appliances
IVT's starting current limiters ensure smooth activation of electrical appliances with high inrush currents, such as circular saws, angle grinders, cut-off grinders, compressors, pumps, shredders, cleaning appliances or transformers. The maximum switching capacity of the inrush current limiter is 2700 W, the reset time < 0.4 s.
The start-up current limiters are available in the following versions
  • Top-hat rail version for fixed installation in fuse boxes and switch cabinets (ASB 12-H)
  • Plug-in device with integrated earthing contact socket (ASB-12-S)
  • Dust and splash-proof (IP 54) floor-standing device for indoor and outdoor use

Inrush Current Limiter IVT ASB 12-H

Item no. 700400

88,06 EUR
VAT incl.
Start-up current limitation IVT ASB 12-S

Item no. 700200

77,04 EUR
VAT incl.
Start-up current limitation IVT ASB 12-G

Item no. 700300

99,08 EUR
VAT incl.