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Start-up current limitation IVT ASB 12-G
Start-up current limitation IVT ASB 12-G

Start-up current limitation IVT ASB 12-G

  • Robust housing with safety socket
  • Dust and splash-proof (IP 54)
  • Max. switching capacity 2,700 W
  • Max. nominal current 12 A
  • Short reset time < 0.4 s
  • Mains cable 2.8 m

Item no. 700300 | EAN 4030072700306

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Inrush Current Limiter IVT ASB 12-G prevents unnecessary tripping of fuses

When using power tools such as circular saws, angle grinders, cut-off grinders, compressors, pumps, chippers, cleaning equipment or transformers, it often happens that fuse elements trip unintentionally. This can be traced back to current peaks that occur when such consumers are switched on.

The electronically controlled Inrush Current Limiter IVT ASB 12-G intercepts these high inrush currents and prevents unnecessary tripping of the upstream fuse elements. The minimum connected load is 100 W, the maximum switching capacity 2700 W.

Due to the extremely short reset time (< 0.4 sec), the inrush current limiter is ready for use again shortly after an electrical appliance has been switched off.

Note: The inrush current limiter should not be used for voltage transformers and generators, which are not able to provide the necessary starting current of the respective consumers.

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  • Inrush Current Limiter IVT ASB 12-G
  • Operating instructions in DE, GB, FR, NL

Recommended use
The robust, dust and splash-proof (IP 54) inrush current limiter is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Thanks to the 2.8 m long connection cable and integrated safety socket, it can be used flexibly, e.g. on the construction site, in workshops, for gardening and in rooms with splash water contact (wet rooms).

CE 3 years warranty Made in Europe

Technical Data

Operating voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Switching power (max.) 2700 W
Nominal current (max.) 12 A
Reset time < 0.4 s
Connection power (min.) >100 W
Dimensions (L x W x H)     121 x 80 x 84 mm
Weight 710 g

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Operating instructions Inrush Current Limiter IVT
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