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Lead Batteries

AGM technology: Power supply with many charging and discharging cycles

The lead batteries offered by IVT are AGM batteries. AGM stands for "Absorbent Glass Mat". These types of batteries have a battery housing with a glass fleece inside. The fleece absorbs the required acid and binds it. This makes the batteries leak-proof.

Key advantages of an AGM battery compared to conventional lead batteries
  • Significantly more charging cycles possible, resulting in a longer service life
  • High vibration resistance
  • High leak resistance owing to the liquid being bound in the glass fleece, even in the event of mechanical damage, e.g. accidents
  • Maintenance-free design (no refilling as there is no water loss)
  • High cold start rates
  • Can be operated in any orientation, even at an angle

AGM batteries are suitable for use in vehicles or as low-cost energy storage for solar systems.

AGM battery 12 V, 20 Ah

Item no. 1.3128

79,69 EUR
VAT incl.
AGM battery 12 V, 50 Ah

Item no. 713951

224,97 EUR
VAT incl.
AGM battery 12 V, 80 Ah

Item no. 002201

332,85 EUR
VAT incl.
AGM battery 12 V, 100 Ah

Item no. 920004

412,50 EUR
VAT incl.
AGM battery 12 V, 200 Ah

Item no. 220700

650,50 EUR
VAT incl.