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Portable Lamps

Handy, durable, bright

The extremely powerful Staudte Hirsch LED flashlights are handy, lightweight, robust and corrosion-resistant. The long-lasting quality LEDs convince high luminosity with a long service life. The splash-proof housing allows use in the most adverse conditions.

Adjustable beam of light

All torches of the Staudte Hirsch series are focusable: The cone of light can be infinitely adjusted in just 1.5 revolutions - from pinpoint precision light to wide flood light.


LED Penlight Staudte Hirsch SH-5.400, 50 lm

Item no. 554000

17,95 EUR
VAT incl.
LED Flashlight Staudte Hirsch SH-5.410, 150 lm

Item no. 554100

24,80 EUR
VAT incl.
LED Flashlight Staudte Hirsch  SH-5.420, 1000 lm

Item no. 554200

59,80 EUR
VAT incl.