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Remote Control | Remote Switch

Advantages Remote Switch on/off
Inverters are often installed in places that are difficult to access during later use. With the remote on/off switches FS-01 (surface-mounted version) and FS-02 (built-in version), all DSW inverters can be switched on and off at a suitable location. The remote switch replaces the main switch on the inverter.

Advantages Remote Control Touchscreen (cable-connected)
The remote control touchscreen FB-04 is compatible with all solar controllers of the MPPTplus+ series as well as the inverters of the DSW series. With the remote control, up to 4 devices can be individually controlled and monitored regardless of location.

Advantages Webbox-LCD (PC version)
With the Webbox-LCD, a maximum of 4 MPPTplus+ solar charge controllers or DSW inverters can also be monitored and controlled via an existing computer network. To do this, the Webbox is simply connected to the desired network via a regular LAN cable. The recorded data can be saved and evaluated on your computer.
Advantages of Remote Switches
The remote switches (on/off) replace the main switch on the DSW inverter in hard-to-reach places.

Advantages of Remote Control and Webbox LCD
With the help of the remote control FB-04 (wired) or the Webbox-LCD (PC solution), max. 4 devices (DSW inverter, MPPTplus+ Solar Controller) can be individually controlled and monitored.