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Lighting 12 V/24 V

Energy-efficient 12 V and 24 V LED lights for indoor and outdoor use
The mostly waterproof luminaires are suitable for permanent installation in vehicles, motorhomes, boats and buildings with a self-sufficient 12 V/24 V power supply (e.g. solar or wind power).

Small dimensions timeless design
Due to their small dimensions and timeless design, they adapt perfectly to any environment. The optionally available accessories, such as motion detectors or connecting cables, extend the range of applications and ensure greater convenience and security.
Our tip: Magnetic work light for on the road
Whether at night in the event of a breakdown, for off-road use or on the construction site: the robust and reliable magnetic base light is suitable for use in vehicles with an on-board voltage of 12 - 36 V.

Waterproof LED Touch-switch Lamp IVT for 12 V/24 V

Item no. 370013

19,80 EUR | 55,89 EUR
VAT incl.
LED Canopy Light IVT12 V/24 V with 18 LEDs

Item no. 370014

19,80 EUR | 49,78 EUR
VAT incl.
LED Canopy Light IVT 12 V/24 V with 9 LEDs

Item no. 370015

14,90 EUR | 34,95 EUR
VAT incl.
IVT Motion Detector 12 - 24 V DC

Item no. 312231

11,79 EUR
VAT incl.