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Work Lights | Hand Lamps

Numerous features combined in one light
The extremely robust LED work lights and construction spotlights from IVT and Staudte Hirsch combine many advantages in one light: daylight-bright light, swiveling light head, different light modes, several brightness levels, emergency light function, flashing function, long-life rechargeable batteries and a mostly waterproof housing.
Emergency light function guarantees safety in the event of a power failure
All rechargeable lights are equipped with an emergency light function as standard. This useful function ensures that the light switches on automatically in the event of a power failure, provided it is connected to the mains and switched on. Further information on this can be found under emergency lamps.

Optimum illumination of the area of application
The Staudte Hirsch LED Work Light SH-5.100 offers the option of a pinpoint focus light or a large-area floodlight. The LED Floodlight SH-5.700 and LED Wall Floodlight SH-5.710 impress with a remarkable brightness of 6000 lumens.
Suitable for use as a warning light
The IVT LED Work Lamps PL-828 and PL-850 as well as the Staudte Hirsch LED Work Lamp SH-5.100 have an integrated flashing mode. If the coloured diffusing plate (included in the scope of delivery) is attached, the battery-powered lights can be used to safeguard hazardous areas.

LED Floodlight Staudte Hirsch SH-5.700, 60 W, 6000 lm

Item no. 557000

149,80 EUR | 179,80 EUR
VAT incl.
LED Hand Lamp Staudte Hirsch SH-5.300, 3 W, 225 lm

Item no. 553000

89,00 EUR
VAT incl.
LED Work Lamp IVT PL-850, 3 W, 240 lm

Item no. 312208

89,00 EUR
VAT incl.
LED Work Lamp IVT PL-828, 5 W, 350 lm

Item no. 312224

108,90 EUR
VAT incl.
LED Portable Lamp IVT PL-830, 3 W, 240 lm, IP 67

Item no. 312205

92,50 EUR
VAT incl.