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Power Distribution Box IVT BNV-3 for inverters
Power Distribution Box IVT BNV-3 for inverters

Power Distribution Box IVT BNV-3 for inverters

  • 3 x residual current protective device (RCD) 30 mA
  • 3 x Schuko® socket with hinged cover
  • Rubber connection cable with Schuko® plug
  • High-quality plastic housing
  • Protected against splash water according to IP 44
  • Fully assembled, equipped and tested

Item no. 430056 | EAN 4030072430562

383,53 EUR

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Reliable protection against dangerous fault currents – Power distribution box BNV-3

The IVT power distribution box BNV-3 is an important and necessary contribution to the safety within your power distribution system. Because even with the proper use of electrical consumers life-threatening fault currents can occur, e.g. due to defective cables or moisture.

If you connect only one consumer to an inverter with galvanic isolation, you are sufficiently protected against fault currents. When using multiple devices, a separate 30 mA RCD is required for each consumer in order to protect the inverter output.

The IVT power distribution box BNV-3 fulfills all important safety regulations.
Each of the 3 Schuko® sockets is separately protected with its own RCD (30 mA). The maximum permissible total current load is 16 A.

The BNV-3 with its high-quality and robust plastic housing is delivered fully assembled. The 3 Schuko® sockets with cover are protected against splash water (IP 44). The rubber connection cable with plug allows for a simple and flexible connection to the output of the inverter.

The Power distribution box BNV-3 equipped with:
  • 2 m connection cable
  • 3 x RCD 30 mA
  • 3 x IP 44 Schuko® socket

Note: Detailed information on "Selection and operation of power generators on construction and assembly sites" can be found on the Internet in German under: DGUV Information 203-032, Section": www.dguv.de/publikationen

Protection class IP 44 CE 3 years warranty Made in Europe

Delivery content
  • Power distribution box IVT BNV-3
  • Instruction manual in DE

Recommended use

Suitable for passenger cars Suitable for transporters Suitable for motorhomes Suitable for caravans Suitable for trucks Suitable for coaches Suitable for construction machinery Suitable for tractor Suitable for motorboat Suitable for sailing boat

As a safe distributor on the construction site, in the vehicle, in trucks, in off-road use, in agriculture and forestry, in garden sheds etc.

Technical Data

Nominal voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Total current load (max.) 16 A
Rated fault current 30 mA/plug
Connection cable 2 m rubber connection
cable H07RN-F3 x 2,5 mm²
with Schuko® plug
IP protection IP 44
Temperature range -25 °C to +50 °C
Material ABS; PC tinted, with UV protection
Color RAL 7035 (gray)
Dimensions (L x W x H)     284 x 222 x 122 mm
Weight 2.4 kg

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