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Vehicle Batteries

Powerful LiFePO4 technology – a reliable energy storage system for numerous vehicle types
Safe LiFePO4 lithium technology is a full-fledged replacement for common lead-acid, gel and AGM batteries – with no risk of fire or explosion. Due to the following advantages, they are particularly suitable as a supply battery for motor vehicles, caravans, mobile homes, tradesmen's vehicles, service vehicles and many more.
Advantages Lithium batteries Compared to lead batteries
  • significantly longer service life
  • lower weight
  • shorter charging times
  • approx. twice as high usable capacity
Display of the most important battery data on smartphone or tablet
If you always want to be informed about the current level of your battery, we recommend e.g. a Forster Premium battery incl. 500 Bluetooth measuring shunt. Via app you receive the current data on your mobile device via Bluetooth.

AGM battery 12 V, 50 Ah

Item no. 713951

224,97 EUR
VAT incl.
AGM battery 12 V, 80 Ah

Item no. 002201

332,85 EUR
VAT incl.
AGM battery 12 V, 100 Ah

Item no. 920004

412,50 EUR
VAT incl.
AGM battery 12 V, 200 Ah

Item no. 220700

650,50 EUR
VAT incl.