For over 20 years, IVT has been developing rechargeable work lights and hand lamps. The passion for technology and the demand to develop innovative products at a very fair price-performance ratio is what drives us.

Marketed under the trademark Staudte Hirsch, our IVT developers have set themselves the goal of developing products that set new standards in their category. Discover the unique combination of more than 20 years engineering expertise, paired with the applying latest technologies.




As versatile as the product advantages, so are their applications in the interior and exterior.
Today, IVT and Staudte Hirsch Leuchen are deployed by rescue and search teams, security forces, plant security, Patrols, in agriculture and forestry, in crafts and industry, as a reliable nightly companion in cars, trucks, for outdoor activities like camping or exploring.


Under the heading "thinks to know", we have put together helpful technical tips and general information on frequently asked questions. Do you have any other questions? Our competent team is always here to help. Simply get in touch.

 Advantages of LED lighting 

• Lower power consumption (6 times lower than with conventional bulbs)
• Long duty cycle of the LED lamps (up to 50,000 hours)
• They don’t contain any harmful substances
• High luminous efficiency
• No start-up delay (as know from energy saving lamps)
• Flexible application (for example, LED strips)
• Compact and small design possible (for example, SMD LEDs)



 Measuring light                             

Luminous flux (Lumen)
Is the value of the total radiation emitted by a light source as visible light. At this, the brightness sensitivity of the human eye regarding the various wave lengths is of significant importance. Two light sources of different color therefore have the same lumen value, if they are perceived as equally bright.

Luminosity (Lux)
The luminous flux directed to a certain area is indicated as luminosity. At this, 1 lumen per square meter equals 1 lux.

Luminous efficiency (Lumen/Watt)
This value defined the efficiency grade of a light source. The higher the value, the better the conversion of the consumed power into visible light. This value is perfectly suitable for any comparison of different light source regarding their efficiency.

Color temperature (Kelvin)
This value measured in Kelvin defines the optical color impression of a light source. The higher the value, the bluer the light appears. In the range of 5000 K for example, the temperature color is defined as daylight white.


  Light color   Color temperature in Kelvin  
  Warm white   Below 3300 K
  Neutral white   3300 K to 5000 K
  Daylight white/cold white   Above 5000 K


Color rendering index (Ra)
The so called CRI (Color Rendering Index) describes the ability of a light source to reproduce colors. 
At this, the natural solar light has the best color rendering index (CRI = 100) and is used as reference. The higher the CRI value, the better the color rendering ability. A CRI index of 95 is regarded as excellent.



 Symbol explanation                             


The IVT quality lamps are equipped with the most various features, functions and possibilities of application. Below table provides an overview on the used symbols with brief explanations.


    Light source
Maximum power consumption (e.g. 8 W) as well as the manufacturer and/or type of the used light source. (e.g.  Luxeon) | Maximum luminous flux in lumen (e.g. 900 lm)
    Beam angle and lighting range
The opening angle in which the light is radiated. (e.g. 80°) | Maximum lighting distance in the strongest lighting mode (e.g. 70 m)
Maximum runtime (e.g. 3 h) in the selected performance level (e.g. 100 %)
    Flashing function
Maximum runtime in the selected flashing function (e.g. 6 h)

    Emergency light function
In the case of power outage the lamp turns on automatically, turning into a safe emergency light.

    Battery type
Details about the used energy source (e.g. Li-Ion) with notice regarding the ability to be recharged.

    IP protection type
Defines the suitability of electrical equipment for the various environmental conditions.

    Explosion protection
This product is suitable for use in environment with risk of explosion.

    Touch switch
The lamp is switched on /off by touching.

    Wall mounted
The lamp is suitable for wall installation.

    Ceiling mounted
The lamp is suitable for ceiling installation.

    CE symbol
This symbol confirms the fulfilment of elementary requirements regarding the applying EU regulations.
    Mobile application 
Suitable for use in the most various vehicles (e.g. private car).
    Stationary application
Suitable for us in buildings with autarchic 12 V/24 V power supply (e.g. solar or wind power).



 IP protection type                              


The protection type designation normally consists of the letters IP and two key figures. These indicate which degree of protection of a housing offers regarding touching or foreign objects, respectively (first key figure) and humidity or water, respectively (second key figure).


  Key figure 1:
  Protection against dust                               
  Key figure 2:
  Protection against humidity and water
  0  No protection   0  No protection
  1  Protection against solid foreign objects with
      diameter > 50 mm  

  1  Protection against vertically falling drops of water

  2  Protection against solid foreign objects with
      diameter > 12.5 mm
  2  Protection against inclined (up to 15°) falling
      drops of water  
  3  Protection against solid foreign objects with
      diameter > 2.5 mm

  3  Protection against falling sprays of water

  4  Protection against solid foreign objects with
      diameter > 1 mm
  4  Protection against splash water
  5  Dust-protected   5  Protection against jets of water (nozzle)
  6  Dustproof   6  Protection against strong jets of water
    7  Protection against the effect of temporary
      immersion under water
    8  Protection against permanent immersion under water   





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