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Electronic Quick-Start 8 - 160W

Electronic Quick-Start 8 - 160W
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Product no.: 600001

This electronic quick-start guaranties you a electronic ignition without flickering  and to prevent your fluorescent lamp from 8 - 160W from damage

You certainly know the problem. When you turn on a fluorescent tube, it will first flicker for a while until it finally alights. This flicker significantly reduces the lifespan of the tube. Eliminate this weakness! Replace the conventional starters with the electronic quick-start device and your fluorescent tubes will alight gently and without flickering. The flicker-free and gentle lighting of the fluorescent tube with the electronic quick-start device means: up to 80% longer lifespan of the fluorescent tube · up to 70% lower maintenance and setup expenses · up to 50% less hazardous waste in comparison with conventional starters · suitable for double circuit · defective fluorescent tubes are detected and will not be switched on
Attention: not suitable for 18W tandem circuit.

Technical specifications
For lamp wattage from 8 - 160W
Run-up and start-up time approx. 2 seconds
Operating voltage 230VAC 50Hz
Operating temperature range -10°C up to +45°C