Portable Power Station PS-1200, 1200 W

Portable Power Station PS-1200, 1200 W

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Important characteristics and features:

Portable and flexible plug & play solution
Ideal for commercial and private use
No wiring and no intervention in the vehicle network necessary
Included: digital sine wave inverter DSW-1200
Lithium battery 12.8 V/100 Ah with app monitoring
Charging booster 12 V/10 A
• Solar controller SCplus 25 A
12 V load output, incl. timer and night light function
Low: self-discharge and own power consumption
Extensive protective functions


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Portable Power Station PS-1200, 1200 W

Plug & Play Lösung: keine Verdrahtung nötig Dauerausgangsleistung 1200 W LiFePO4-Akku mit App-Funktion Geeignete Akkus:  Blei-Säure, Blei-Gel CE zertifiziert
Flexibel wiederaufladbar: 230 V, 12 V Kfz, Solar Geeignet für den gewerblichen Einsatz Hergestellt in der EU

Power to go anywhere and anytime – 230 V, 12 V, 2 x 5 V USB

The Portable Power Station PS-1200 offers you a self-sufficient power supply at any place and at any time, wherever it is needed: on the road or stationary, in commercial as well as private areas. Consumers with a continuous power of 1200 W can be operated with the PS-1200. For short periods, the PS-1200 provides a peak output power of 2400 W.

Plug & Play complete solution

With the Portable Power Station PS-1200, all components are ideally matched to each other. The pre-configured plug & play complete solution is ready for immediate use. The integrated quick connections enable easy charging using solar, charging booster and 230 V mains voltage. The connection cables are included in the scope of delivery. No wiring or intervention in the vehicle network is necessary.

IVT Power Stations - Diagram of components and connections

Components Power Station PS-1200
Digital sine wave inverter DSW-1200, 12 V, 1200 W
LiFePO4 battery 12.8 V/100 Ah
Charging booster 12 V/10 A
Solar Controller SCplus 25 A
Note: On request, individual components of the existing box can be exchanged (inverter, battery) or omitted (charging booster, solar controller). We will be happy to advise you on possible configurations.

The most important features and characteristics:


 Rechargeable with solar power, in the car and on 230 V mains voltage    

The battery can be charged flexibly: while driving in the vehicle with the help of an integrated 12 V charging booster, absolutely independently via solar power thanks to the built-in SCplus 25 A solar controller or at any 230 V socket with the included SH-3.150 10 A battery charger.
  The charge level of the lithium battery can be read on your smartphone via a Bluetooth interface and a free app. The data (including state of charge, current, voltage, temperature) of the battery management system can be exported and processed externally.

The app is available for Android and iOS systems.

Average charging times of the Power Station PS-1200:

Charging facility Charging time
Charging booster 12 V in the car 10.0 h
2 x solar modul Phaesun 170 W*)  5.6 h
Battery charger 12 V, 10 A 10.0 h
*) with optimum irradiation  

Note: The battery charger and the connection cables for the booster and solar modules are included in the scope of delivery.


 Secured current draw: 230 V, 12 V and 2 x 5 V USB load outputs   

Via the 230 V earthed socket:

Connected to the 230 V AC output of the digital sine wave inverter, a pure sine wave alternating voltage can be taken safely. Thanks to galvanic isolation of the input and output stage, no additional fuse protection is necessary when connecting a consumer, even in the commercial sector. The peak output power, which is twice as high (2 s), ensures that even loads with high starting currents can be connected safely and without interference.

Via the 12 V DC socket:

The 12 V DC output is controlled via the programmable SCplus solar controller. The integrated timer and night light function enables reliable current draw – even when you are not personally on site, e.g. for operating alarm, lighting or cooling systems in warehouses, allotment gardens, holiday homes or boats, as well as in agriculture for pasture fencing or pumps and much more.

Via the two 5 V USB connections (type A):

In addition, two smartphones, tablets, notebooks, battery packs, LED lights and many other small devices can be reliably charged at the two 5 V USB outputs.

The switchable load outputs can be used simultaneously. Charging is possible while the current is being drawn.


 Average operating time of electronic devices with the Power Station  

The operating time of the Power Station PS-1200 can vary greatly depending on which loads are connected. If you operate consumers with lower power, the operating time is extended. If you use several outputs at the same time, it is shortened accordingly.

Average operating time for electronic devices with the Power Station PS-1200:

    Operating time
230 V consumer 50 W (e.g. laptop charger) 23.0 h
  140 W (e.g. e-bike charger)   9.1 h*)
  600 W (e.g. drill)   2.0 h
  1200 W (e.g. electric kettle)   1.0 h
12 V consumer 50 W (e.g. TV set) 24.0 h
  120 W (e.g. compressor) 10.0 h

*) Corresponds to 3 – 4 recharges of a 36 V / 11 Ah e-bike battery


 Robust housing with sturdy carrying handle  

The valuable inside of the power station is protected by an extremely robust metal housing. The corners are additionally reinforced with edge protection. The sturdy carrying handles make it easy to transport to the place of use.


 Powerful 12.8 V LiFePO4 battery, 100 Ah with app function  

The power station is equipped with a powerful, lightweight and durable 12.8 V, 100 Ah special LiFePO4 battery.



Suitable lithium battery, 12.8 V, 100 Ah for Power Station PS-1200

The powerful special LiFePO4 battery offers considerable advantages compared to lead batteries with comparable storage capacity: twice the usable capacity, a weight saving of approx. 65 % and, last but not least, an extremely long service life (2,500 cycles at 80 % depth of discharge) compared to lead batteries (up to 550 cycles at 50 % depth of discharge).

 3 year manufacturer warranty 
  IVT products are manufactured to a high quality and following strict quality guidelines. We are certain about the longevity so that we add another year to the statutory manufacturer warranty free of charge: electronic devices electronic devices 3 years, LiFePO4 batteries 5 years.



 Scope of delivery  

• Power Station PS-1200 (fully equipped)
Battery charger SH-3.150, 12 V, 10 A incl. mains cable and adapter, 3.3 m
Connection cable for solar module, 4 m, H07RN-F 2 x 2.5 mm² (max. 50 V/20 A)
Connection cable for charging booster for 12 V car socket, 2.5 m, 2 x 1.5 mm²



Technical data

PS-1200, 1200 W
System voltage / supply 12.8 V/100 Ah LiFePO4
Deep discharge protection voltage, idling 10.5 V
Deep discharge protection voltage, adjustable 9 – 12 V
Charge via 230 V supply max. 10 A
Charge via 12 V supply ca. 9 A
Charge via solar panel max. 44 V/20 A
Nominal input power, DSW 6 W
Nominal input power, SCplus 25 A 0.4 W
230 V AC output  
Output connector 1 x grounding-type socket, IP 54
Output voltage (+- 2 %) 230 Veff
Frequency (+- 1 %) 50 Hz
Wave form Sinusoidal
Continuous output current 5.2 Aeff
Continuous output power 1200 VA
Peak output power (max. 2 s) 2400 VA
Operating time at nominal load ca. 60 minutes
Nominal efficiency 90 %
12 V DC output  
Output connector 12 V vehicle socket
Output current max. 10 A
Continuous output power 120 VA
Operating time at nominal load 10 hours
Deep discharge protection via SCplus output 10.5 V
5 V USB output  
Output connector 2 x USB type A
Output current max. 2.1 A
Continuous output power 10.5 VA
Temperature range, load 0 °C – 55 °C
Temperature range, discharge -20 °C – 55 °C
Dimensions (L x W x H) 580 x 385 x 277 mm
IP protection IP 20
Weight ca. 22.5 kg


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