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Phaesun® SPR Caravan Kit Solar Peak LR1218, 120 W, 12 V
Phaesun® SPR Caravan Kit Solar Peak LR1218, 120 W, 12 V

Phaesun® SPR Caravan Kit Solar Peak LR1218, 120 W, 12 V

  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for 12 V consumers

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Solar island systems – Complete solution for self-sufficient power supply for camping, caravanning or on boats

Stand-alone solar systems convert sunlight into electricity.

The electricity generated is stored in a battery so that consumers such as refrigerators, coffee makers and lighting always have sufficient energy available.

The classic components of an off-grid solar system consist of one or more solar modules, solar charge controller, battery and voltage converter.

An inverter enables the connection of 230 V consumers to the 12/24 V battery. This creates a self-sufficient and environmentally friendly power supply away from the mains.

This kit is easy to install on your caravan or sailing boat. It enables the operation of various 12 V consumers such as lamps, radio, TV/SAT, etc.

This kit is the ideal solution for sufficient power on board.

Delivery content
  • Solar module Sun Peak SPR 120 W/12 V
  • Solar charge controller LR 1218 for EBL
  • Module mounting kit Easy Mount One
  • Roof duct
  • Tec7 Glue Set Easy Bond One
  • Module cable QuickCab4-2,5/5
  • Adapter cable for EBL
  • Battery cable with 20 A fuse

Suitable battery and inverter on request.

Technical Data

Solar module  
System voltage 12 V DC
Power 120 W
Voltage (max.) 20.1 V
Current (max.) 5.98 A
Open circuit voltage 24.1 V
Short circuit voltage 6.46 A
Number of cells 32 x mono
Module type Monocrystalline
Solar charge controller  
Charge controller type PWN
System voltage 12 V
Module power (max.) 175 Wp
Load current (max.) 18 A
Module current (max.) 18 A
Battery type Lead-acid, Lead-gel,
Weight Set complete: 11.52 kg  
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