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Phaesun® Energy Generation Kit Solar Up One 50 W, 12 V
Phaesun® Energy Generation Kit Solar Up One 50 W, 12 V

Phaesun® Energy Generation Kit Solar Up One 50 W, 12 V

  • Easy installation
  • All components perfectly matched to each other

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Island solar systems – Complete solution for self-sufficient power supply for garden houses, fishing huts, mobile chicken coops, etc.

Stand-alone solar systems convert sunlight into electricity.

The electricity generated is stored in a battery so that consumers such as refrigerators, pond pumps and lighting always have sufficient energy available.

The classic components of an off-grid solar system consist of one or more solar modules, solar charge controller, battery and voltage converter.

An inverter enables the connection of 230 V consumers to the 12/24 V battery. This creates a self-sufficient and environmentally friendly power supply away from the mains.

These integrated set allow an easy operation of 12 V DC consumers such as light, radio, or 12 V pond pumps etc. If you connect a 230 V AC inverter, you can also supply any electrical device just as if you were on the grid.

This set is an ideal solution if you need solar power only in the evening hours or weekends, e.g. for your garage, garden or holiday home.

Delivery content
  • 2 x Solar module 50 W/12 V
  • Solar charge controller 6 A, 12/24 V
  • Module connection cable 10 m
  • Battery cable with 15 A fuse

Suitable battery and inverter on request.

Technical Data

Solar module  
System voltage 12 V DC
Power 50 W
Voltage (max.) 17.6 V
Current (max.) 2.84 A
Open circuit voltage 21.6 V
Short circuit voltage 3.07 A
Number of cells 36 x mono
Module type Monocrystalline
Solar charge controller  
Type PWM
System voltage 12/24 V
Module voltage 12 V: 6.9 V - 17.2 V
24 V: 17.3 V - 43 V       
Module power (max.) 300 Wp
Load current (max.) 10 A
Module current (max.) 10 A
Power consumption active  12.5 mA
Battery type Lead Acid, Lead Gel,
Lead AGM, LiFePO4
Weight Set complete: 5.5 kg
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