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Battery Activator IVT 12 V/24 V, 10-200 Ah
Battery Activator IVT 12 V/24 V, 10-200 Ah

Battery Activator IVT 12 V/24 V, 10-200 Ah

  • Regenerates 12 V and 24 V lead batteries and thus, increases their duty cycle significantly 
  • Protects lead batteries against sulfation
  • Removes already built sulfate layers
  • Control LEDs for function monitoring
  • E-mark certification
  • Overvoltage indicator and shut-off (at over 32 V)
  • Compact construction, small, light in weight
  • Simply installation
  • Also suitable for solar batteries

Item no. 900006 | EAN 4030072900065

29,75 EUR

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Battery activator for 12 V and 24 V batteries, with E-certification

The compact and easy-to-use Battery Activator 12 V/24 V is used for the maintenance of lead batteries with a capacity of 10 Ah - 200 Ah. With this small and extremely light helper, the service life of all 12 V and 24 V lead batteries can be considerably extended. It prevents the formation of sulphate deposits on new batteries and breaks down already formed sulphate layers on used batteries.

The battery activator is suitable for permanent installation in all vehicles with road registration. It can remain permanently connected to the vehicle's starter battery. It does not require an external power supply because it is powered exclusively by the battery. At set intervals, it feeds the absorbed energy back into the battery in the form of current pulses. The very low power consumption is only 4 mA - 7 mA.

The microcontroller-controlled battery activator is constructed in SMD technology, encapsulated and thus protected against water jets (IP 65). Proper functioning of the device is indicated by the two LEDs.

The battery activator is also suitable for solar batteries up to 200 Ah.

AGM-Battery Lead-Gel-Battery Lead-Acid-Battery Protection class IP 65 E-1
CE 3 years warranty Made in Europe

Delivery content
  • Battery Activator IVT 12 V/24 V, 10-200 Ah
  • Operating instructions DE, GB, FR, NL

Recommended use

Suitable for passenger cars Suitable for transporters Suitable for motorhomes Suitable for tractor Suitable for motorboat Suitable for sailing boat Suitable for motorbike Suitable for scooters Suitable for Quad Suitable for riding lawn mowers Suitable for solar system

Technical Data

Rechargeable battery type Lead batteries (Acid, Gel, AGM)
Battery voltage 12 V, 24 V
Operating voltage range 10 V - 32 V
Battery capacity 10 Ah - 200 Ah
Current consumption 4 mA - 7 mA
Charging current impulse 80 A - 200 A
Impulse interval 5 s - 20 s
Operating temperature range -25 °C to +85 °C
IP protection housing IP 65
Cable length 43.5 cm
Dimensions (L x W x H)     39 x 30 x 30 mm
Weight 45 g

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