LED Work Lamp IVT PL-850 3 W, 240 lm

LED Work Lamp IVT PL-850 3 W, 240 lm

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Important characteristics and features:


• 3 W LED with 240 lm
• 3 brightness levels (100 %, 70 %, 30 %)
• Extraordinarily long runtime of up to 30 h
• Maintenance-free 4,500 mAh lead battery
• Peak lighting distance of 150 m
• Flashing function
• Emergency light function
• Sturdy housing of impact-proof plastic
• 105° swiveling lamp head



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LED Work Lamp IVT PL-850 3 W, 240 lm
LED Work Lamp IVT PL-850 3 W, 240 lm
LED Work Lamp IVT PL-850 3 W, 240 lm
LED Work Lamp IVT PL-850 3 W, 240 lm
LED Work Lamp IVT PL-850 3 W, 240 lm
LED Work Lamp IVT PL-850 3 W, 240 lm




Solid LED Work Lamp –
Guarantees up to 30 h glare-free work light

The rechargeable IVT PL-850 3 W offers everything that honors an ideal work lamp: Outstanding work light at extraordinarily long runtime, long duty cycle based on advanced LED technology, extremely sturdy housing, easy operation as well as useful accessories.

The high performance 3 W LED, 3 performance levels and a 105° swiveling lamp head allow for an individual lighting of your desired working area. Thanks to its flashing function the lamp can be used as a warning lamp.

The emergency light function assures a reliable safety illumination in the case of power outage for example, in public facilities or in rooms without daylight as well as in the dark.


The most important characteristics and features:

 High quality 3 W LED - Runtime up to 35 h                       

The work lamp is equipped with a 3 W LED (Cree or Luxeon), which provides 20 h of day-bright light in the maximum performance level. The luminous flux in this mode is 240 lm. If you require lower brightness the runtime can be extended significantly by means of the two lower performance levels – at 70 % the PL-850, 3 W provides light for 25 h, at 30 % even for 30 h.

Always the perfect light thanks to various lighting modes and performance levels 

Mode      Function  Beam angle     Luminosity       Runtime       Lighting range
1    Focus light        20°           30 %       30 h          50 m
2    Focus light        20°           70 %       25 h         100 m
3    Focus light        20°          100 %       20 h         150 m
4    Flashing mode            20°          100 %       35 h         150 m



 105° swiveling lamp head                          


  In the case the rechargeable lamp is used in the workshop or as portable working light its light beam can be aligned individually to the working area thanks to the 105° continuously swiveling lamp head.  



 Reliable emergency light in the case of power outage                          


  If connected to the mains net the rechargeable lamp it becomes an emergency light in the case of power outage thanks to its emergency light function. If the mains power is off the lamp automatically turn on in the previously chosen mode. If the mains power is restored the lamp shuts off again.  



 Warning light for securing danger zones and accident scenes                            


  The lamp’s flashing mode in combination with the included orange diffuser allows for the use as a warning light. Thus, with the PL-850, 3 W you can warn of danger zones and accident scenes in the road traffic, for example.  



 Maintenance-free lead battery with 4,500 mAh                            


  Thanks to the maintenance-free 4,500 mAh lead battery with its low self-discharge the work lamp is always ready for use. The integrated protection against overcharging and deep discharge ensures the long duty cycle of your battery. 

The practical wall bracket of the PL-850, 3 W serves for both, storing and charging the device safely.

On the go the lamp can be charged by means of the included 230 V plug-in power supply or the 12 V car charging adapter on you vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

  A 12 V/24 V car charging adapter is available as optional accessory. 

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 Easy to use rotary knob – clear LED display                           



With the help of the large rotary switch, the desired lighting mode can be conveniently selected, even with work gloves. 
Reading the current charging status of the battery is made easy by the by the 5 LEDs beneath the lamp’s head.



 Sturdy housing for extreme working conditions                         


  The sturdy housing is protected against foreign objects and splash water in accordance with IP 44 and is made of impact-proof plastic. The light source is protected against possible damage by a solid ring of hard rubber. All this, turns the PL-850, 3 W into the perfect companion for tasks under extreme condition.



 Construction and equipment of the work lamp                          




• Stabile rubberized handle  
• Solid rubber ring for lens protection 
• 3 W Cree/Luxeon LED with 3 performance levels 
• 105° swiveling lamp head
• Sturdy, splash water-protected housing (IP 44)  
  made of impact-proof plastic

• Maintenance-free 4.5 Ah lead battery
• Plastic nobs allow for a safe stand even
  in horizontal position

• Optical indicator of the battery condition

Rear side:
• Easy to use rotary knob for selection of the
   lighting modes 

• Splash water-protected charging socket

Included accessories:
• Practical wall bracket with charging function
• 230 V plug-in power supply
• 12 V car charging adapter
• Orange diffuser 



 3 year manufacturer warranty                               


  IVT products are manufactured to a high quality and following strict quality guidelines. We are certain about the longevity so that we add another year to the statutory manufacturer warranty free of charge. Rechargeable batteries and batteries are excluded from this warranty.



 Delivery content                       

• Work lamp PL-850, 3 W
• Wall bracket
• 12 V plug-in power supply
• 12 V car charging adapter
• Diffusing plate (orange)
• Mounting material
• Instruction manual in DE, GB, FR, NL

Note: The accessories can also be ordered separately.



Technical data   LED Work Lamp PL-850, 3 W, 240 lm  

Current supply

  Lead battery | 6 V | 4.5 Ah | maintenance-free   
Light sources   Cree/Luxeon LED   
Power consumption (max.)   3 W  
Luminous flux (max.)   240 lm  
Efficiency   100 lm/W  
Color temperature   5,300 - 6,500 K | daylight white   
Working life LED   50.000 h  
Lighting modes  

1: Focus light 30 %
2: Focus light 70 %
3: Focus light 100 %
4: Flash light

Lighting range (max.)   150 m  

Operation time (max.)


35 h

Beam angle   20°  
Inclination of lamp head   105°  
Emergency light function   yes  
Charging adapter   Plug-in power unit (100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz)
Car Charging adapter (12 V DC)
Charging time   14 h  
Charging control display   yes  
Deep discharge protection   yes  
Overcharge protection   yes  
Protection class   lll  
Type of protection   IP 44  
Temperature range   -10 °C bis +50 °C  
Material   Plastic  
Color   blue, black  
Dimensions (L x W x H)   287 x 127 x 120 mm (lamp)
132 x 112 x 55 mm (wall bracket)
Weight   1.58 kg (lamp)
0.10 kg (wall bracket)





Instruction manual
LED Work lamp
PL-850 3W, 240 lm


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Charging/wall bracket for IVT LED work lamps

Charging/wall bracket for IVT LED work lamps


• Charging/wall bracket for mounting to walls and in vehicles
• Suitable for IVT Work lamp PL-850 5,5 W
• Suitable for IVT Work lamp  PL-850, 3 W

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Recommended replacement article: Item. no. 312208.L


Art.Nr.: 315000.A

8,36 EUR (19 % VAT excl.)

Diffuser orange

Diffuser orange

• Suitable for LED work light PL-850, 3 W
• Suitable for halogen and LED signal lamp PL-850, 5.5 W
• Enables use as a warning light


Art.Nr.: 315000.S

4,16 EUR (19 % VAT excl.)

230 V power supply unit 9 V/500 mA

230 V power supply unit 9 V/500 mA


• Suitable for LED work lamp PL-850, 3 W
• Suitable for Halogen and LED signal lamp PL-850, 5,5 W




Art.Nr.: 315000.N

10,88 EUR (19 % VAT excl.)

Car charging adapter

Car charging adapter

• 12 V/24 V-Kfz Car charging adapter
• Suitable for charging cradle SH-5,900
• Suitable for LED Work Lamp SH-5.100
• Suitable for LED Portable Lamp SH-5.200
• Suitable for LED Hand Lamp SH-5.300
• Protects against overcharging


Art.Nr.: 559030

10,88 EUR (19 % VAT excl.)

12V-charging cable

12V-charging cable


Art.Nr.: 100.1

4,16 EUR (19 % VAT excl.)

Lead-acid battery, 6 V/4 Ah

Lead-acid battery, 6 V/4 Ah

• Replacement battery
• Lead-acid battery 6 V/4 Ah
• Suitable for IVT lamps PL-850, 3 W,

  PL-850, 5.5 W, PL-838 LB


Art.Nr.: 300121

17,34 EUR (19 % VAT excl.)

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