A properly charged and well-maintained battery has a 2 - 3 times longer life expectation than a battery which was not fully charged or even deep-discharged over a longer period of time.

But often you ask yourself the question: which charger is the most suitable for my area of application?
According to our corporate philosophy, IVT offers reasonably-priced, small plug-in chargers for occasional use or for trickle charging. We also carry all-round chargers with special motorcycle mode for 6 V and 12 V lead-acid batteries as well as a 7-speed automatic charger for the demanding user with boost and power supply function.

Our chargers have something in common; they are: 

Easy to use. Flexible in application.
Gentle charging. Economical in acquisition.



 VERSATILE / IN ALL RESPECTS                               

Whether in the workshop, at home or on the go – the IVT char- gers are versatile in their application. The 2 V, 6 V and 12 V charging modes always offer the matching charging voltage. In the motorcycle mode even smaller batteries are charged reliably. 


 SAFE / WHEN IT MATTERS                               

All IVT chargers are standardly protected against short circuit and reverse polarity. By virtue of the integrated overcharging protection all IVT chargers can remain permanently connected to the battery for the use as maintenance charger. 


 PRECISE / DOWN TO THE SMALLEST DETAIL                               

Especially the microprocessor-controlled charging process of the automatic chargers, which includes up to 7 steps, grants the gentle charging of your battery. The selection of a higher cut-off voltage makes it possible to fully charge batteries in winter, or even AGM batteries. 


 ROBUST / RELIABLE & LIGHT IN WEIGHT                               

Many of our chargers can also be used outdoor. Thanks to the protection type IP 65 the housing is best protected against water jets and dust.


 GENTLE / CHARGING & MAINTENANCE                               

All IVT chargers are characterized by a very gentle charging pro le. Harmful sulfate layers are prevented or as far as available removed by pulsing.



Under the heading "things to know", we have put together helpful technical tips and general information on frequently asked questions. Do you have any other questions? Our competent team is always here to help. Simply get in touch.


 How to find the right Charger

The following chart shows the essential specifications of the IVT chargers.
Different models with various features and function are available, depending on your application.




 Overview on various charging principles                               



Charging with constant current (I-charging)

In the constant current method the respective battery is charged with consistent current (Icharge). With this, damage by to high charging current is prevented. Yet, when using this method there is a risk of overcharging the battery. Therefore, it is important to ensure a suitable switch-off method.


Pulse charging

This is a special form of constant current charging. The charging pause allows for an exact determination of the battery voltage for the follow-up charging process.
Furthermore, pulse charging is perfectly suitable for
regeneration of sulfated batteries.

Charging with constant current (U-charging)

In the constant voltage method the charging voltage is kept stable during the entire charging process. This results in higher current at the beginning of the charging process than at its end. With the decreasing current towards the end of the charging process the battery is charged gently and completely.

Charging according to the IU principle

The IU charging method unites the characteristics of both above charging methods described above and uses their advantages. With this, a fast and gentle charging may be achieved in a simple manner.


  Multi-step charging method (IUoU-charging)

  Even complex multi-step charging technology consist of a combination of the already mentioned charging 
  methods. At this, a microcontroller integrated in the charger assures the adequate charging method is selected
  in order to charge the battery in the best and quickest possible way.



 Useful Tips for handling lead batteries                               


Always select the matching charger for your battery.

Only with a perfectly matching charger your battery will be charged gently and completely.
Always compare the technical specifications of the charger with those of the battery.

2. Completely charge the battery prior to its first use.

A fully charged battery is a basic requirement in order to ensure the availability of the complete capacity of your battery.

3. Protect your battery from harmful deep discharging.

Deep discharge is given, if more than 60 % of the battery capacity has been withdrawn.
Use electrical consumers equipped with deep discharge protection.

4. Charge your battery as often as possible. 

The duty cycle is increased and deep discharge prevented.
The so called “Memory-Effect” does not apply for lead batteries.

5. Never leave your battery discharged.

There is a risk of harmful deep-discharging by natural self-discharge, if discharged batteries
are not recharged for a longer period of time.

6. Avoid simultaneous charging and discharging of your battery.

Charging a battery while an operating electrical consumer is connected may cause an excessive
warming of both charger and battery.

Keep your battery ready for use at all times.  

With chargers with maintenance charging function you can balance the capacity loss by self-discharging.
Thus, you assure the optimum availability of your energy storage device even after longer inactive periods.



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