Automatic Plug-in Charger PL-600C, 2 V/6 V/12 V, 600 mA

Automatic Plug-in Charger PL-600C, 2 V/6 V/12 V, 600 mA

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Important characteristics and features:


• Suitable for all 2 V, 6 V and 12 V lead batteries
• Gentle permanent and maintenance charging
• Clear LED display
• Protection against short circuit
• Can permanently remain connected to the battery
• Ideal for battery storage during winter
• Light-weight, only 120 g

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Automatic Plug-in Charger PL-600C, 2 V/6 V/12 V, 600 mA
Automatic Plug-in Charger PL-600C, 2 V/6 V/12 V, 600 mA



Recommended application:







Versatile charger, suitable for permanent maintenance charging

The Automatic Plug-in Charger PL-600C charges safely and reliably all conventional 2 V, 6 V and 12 V lead-acid and lead-gel batteries from a capacity of 1.2 Ah. It chargers according to the IU charging principle. This means the charging current decreases as the battery voltage increases. As soon as the cut-off voltage is reached, the electronic charging regulation automatically reduces the charging current. This protects the battery from damage by overcharging and thus, keeps sporadically used equipment and vehicles always ready for use. This small Automatic Plug-in Charger 600 mA is especially suitable as maintenance charger. Thanks to the overcharging protection it can permanently remain connected to the battery.

The most important characteristics and features:

 IU charging principle                               

Lead batteries – Charging curve and charging methods

The plug-in charger operates based on the IU charging principle. This means, the charging current decreases while the battery voltage remains constant.  



 Selectable charging mode: 2 V, 6 V and 12 V mode                         

Thanks to the easy-to-use slide-switch 2 V, 6 V or 12 V charging mode may be selected.
The cut-off voltage in the respective mode is 2.3 V (for 2 V batteries), 6.9 V (for 6 V batteries) or 13.7 V (for 12 V batteries).



 Permanently mounted cable with battery clamps                          

With the integrated battery clamps the charger can be connected or disconnected quickly and safely to the battery.



 Safe operation –  protected against reverse polarity, overcharging and short circuit                               

The plug-in charger is protected against reverse polarity, overcharging and short circuit.
Batteries connected with reverse polarity are detected automatically. The error is indicated by an optical warning signal (LED display).


 Clear LED display                              

The two LEDs inform about the current charging state. The green LED lights up during charging. It turns off as soon as the battery is fully charged, signaling no ongoing charging process. The red LED lights up as soon as a battery is connected with reverse polarity.



 3 year manufacturer warranty                               

  IVT products are manufactured to a high quality and following strict quality guidelines. We are certain about the longevity so that we add another year to the statutory manufacturer warranty free of charge.



 Delivery content                              

• Automatic Plug-in Charger PL-600C
• Operation manual in DE, GB, FR, NL 


Technical data   Automatic Plug-In Charger PL-600C



Operation voltage   100 – 240 V AC / 50/60 Hz    
Input current max.   250 mA    
Rated power   25 VA    



Suitable battery voltage   2 V/6 V/12 V    
Charging current max.  

600 mA

Rechargeable battery type   Lead batteries (lead-acid, lead-gel)    
Battery capacity  

From 1.2 Ah

Charging method
Cut-off voltage  

2.3 V ± 2 % (2 V batteries)
6.9 V ± 2 % (6 V batteries)
13.7 V ± 2 % (12 V batteries)     




Reverse current   1.5 mA    
Protection type   IP 20
Cable length   1.5 m (Connection cable incl. adapter)
Dimensions   80 x 65 x 33 mm (Housing without plug)    
  120 g    







charging technology

Instruction manual

Charging curves

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