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Important characteristics and features:


  • Serial solar controllers: precise, battery-preserving charging
  • Pulse-width-modulated charging mode (PWM)
  • Predefined charging characteristics
  • Switchable load output (on/off)
  • Timer function
  • Night light function
  • Standby function < 10 mA internal current consumption
  • Microprocessor controlled charging
  • Multi-step charging process

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High qualitiy Solar Controller Series with numeros adjustment possibilities 

The high quality SCplus/SCDplus Solar Controllers by IVT are characterized above all by their versatility. They offer 4 predefined charging characteristics, which are optimally attuned to all common battery types. In addition, their load output is equipped with various special functions which can be adjusted individually. Furthermore, using the free software certain charging parameters can be programmed and the data evaluated.

The most important characteristics and features 

  • Serial solar controllers: extremely precise, battery-preserving charging
  • Pulse-width-modulated charging mode (PWM)
  • Predefined charging characteristics: lead-acid, lead-gel, lead-AGM, LiFeP04
  • Switchable load output (on/off)
  • Timer function
  • Night light function
  • Standby function < 10 mA internal current consumption 


Further characteristics: 

  • Microprocessor controlled charging
  • Multi-step charging process
  • User-specific programmable charging characteristic
  • Automatic voltage recognition 12 V/24 V
  • High efficiency grade max. 98 %
  • Low internal current consumption
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • External temperature sensor
  • Higher precision due to an additional external voltage sensor
  • Adjustable temperature coefficient
  • LED Status indicator
  • Optical warning signal
  • Equipped with all important protective functions
  • Common ground potential (negative pole)
  • Separate 48 V SCDplus



Technical data


Solar-Controller SCplus 25 A

Battery system voltage   12 V / 24 V  
Supported battery types
  Lead-acid, -Gel, -AGM, LiFePO4
Type of charge control
  PWM serial
Max. panel power   300 W / 600 W  
Max. panel voltage   50 V  
Max. panel/charging current   25 A  
Max.load current   25 A  
Internal current consumption, active   25 mA
Internal current consumption, standby   < 10 mA  
Fuse   25 A  
Reverse polarity protection battery input   Yes  
Reverse polarity protection solar input   Yes  
Overcurrent protection load output   Yes  
Temperature   Yes (external), 1,5 m
Operation temperature   -20° C to +60° C  
Maximum efficiency   98 %
Common ground potential (negative pole)   Yes  
Switchable  load output   
Software control   Yes  
PC interface  

USB (Type B)

Housing   Plastic  
Dimensions (L x W x H)
  190 x 105 x 55 mm  
Weight   460 g  

Charging parameters
Cut-off voltage, lead-acid
  14 V / 28 V
Cut-off voltage, lead-gel
  14,1 V / 28,2 V  
Cut-off voltage, lead-AGM
  14,7 V / 29,4 V  
Cut-off voltage, LiFePO4
  14,6 V / 29,2 V  
Trickle charging, lead-acid/lead-gel
  13,7 V / 27,4 V  
Trickle charging, lead-AGM/LiFePO4
  13,8 V / 27,6 V  
Temperature compensation, minimum
  25 mV/K / 50 mV/K  
Temperature compensation, medium   30 mV/K / 60 mV/K  
Temperature compensation, maximum   35 mV/K / 70 mV/K  

Deep discharge protection load output
Shut-off voltage, factory setting
  10,5 V / 21 V
Shut-off voltage, adjustable range   10 V to 11 V / 20 V to 22 V  
Reset voltage, factory setting
  12 V / 24 V
Reset voltage, adjustable range
  11,5 V to 12,5 V / 23 V to 25 V  
Order no.   200039  








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  • SCplus Solar Controller 25 A
  • External temperature sensor
  • Connection adaptor for battery sensor
  • Operation manual in DE, GB, FR, NL










Solar technology

Instruction manual 
Solar Controller SCplus
25 A

Windows Software
Solar Controller
SCplus/SCDplus Series

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Individual charging – extremely efficient and reliable.

For the pulse-width-modulated serial controllers 4 different charging programs are predefined, specifically attuned to the respective battery type: lead-acid, lead-gel, lead-AGM as well as LiFePO4. In addition, a user-specific charging program can be selected.

A connection between solar controller and PC can be set up with the aid of the USB interface. Using the windows software and your PC it is comfortably possible to modify the factory settings. Furthermore, the operation data of your solar system can be recorded, stored and evaluated.

Automatic voltage recognition 12 V/24 V:
The solar controllers can be operated in 12 V or 24 V systems. At this, the system voltage is determined automatically.

48 V version:
An additional SCDplus solar controller with 40 A is available for 48 V systems.

Automatic temperature compensation:
During the charging process the prevalent temperature is measured by means of the external temperature sensor. This allows for the dynamic adjustment of the cut-off voltage to the temperature conditions. At high temperatures the cut-off voltage will be decreased – overcharging and unnecessary gassing are prevented. At lower temperatures the cut-off voltage will be increased.

Voltage sensor for the battery:
An even more precise function of the solar controller is possible by using the integrated voltage sensor terminal. By means of the cable between solar controller and battery the batter voltage is measured even more exactly. This allows for a more precise charging.





Multi-step charging technology - Attuned to the defined battery type.

Depending on the defined battery type (factory setting: lead-acid battery) and its cut-off voltage the charging is done in 3 steps.


In step 1 the battery is charged with maximum current until the cut-off voltage is reached. Thereafter the cut-off voltage reached in step 1 is kept for a precisely defined period of time. Subsequently it changes to step 2, trickle charging. The charging current limitation is applied according to the principal of the pulse-width modulation (PWM).

Both the charging profile for LiFePO4 batteries as well as the user-defined profile offer a third charging step.


Charging profile/ Battery type Charging step 1  Voltage Duration Charging step 2 Voltage Duration Charging step 3 Voltage
Lead-acid battery 14 V 60 min 13.7 V infinite -
Lead-gel battery 14.1 V 90 min 13.7 V infinite -
Lead-AGM battery 14.7 V 60 min 13.8 V infinite -
LiFePO4 battery 14.6 V 45 min 13.1 V 90 min 13.8 V
User defined User defined User defined User defined User defined User defined


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               LED status indicator:
2 LEDs indicate quickly and reliably the ongoing charging step, warn of deep discharging and show the state of the load output.

Standby function:
The SCplus/SCDplus Solar Controllers offer an integrated standby function. In the case of insufficient solar power the solar controller switches into standby mode. This way, the internal current consumption of the solar controller is reduced by up to 40 %.
With this, the connected battery is preserved and unnecessary discharging prevented. If sufficient solar power is available the solar controller returns to active mode automatically. Furthermore, the solar controller can be switched into active mode manually via push button.


Programmable load output.

The load output is individually programmable. The following options can be selected for the load output

1. Timer function
The load output shuts on respectively off at the defined time.

2. Night light function
If no solar power is available the load output shuts on after 2 minutes, and shuts off again if solar power is available.

3. Automatic on/off switch
In the case the end-point voltage is reached the load output shuts off automatically.
As soon as the reactivation voltage is reached it turns back on.

4. Permanently off
If the end-point voltage is reached the load output remains off permanently, even after the battery capacity has
reached the reactivation voltage again (factory setting).

Extensive protective functions included.

All important protective functions such as overcharging, deep discharge protection and reverse polarity protection are controlled fully automatic and surveillance-free by the microprocessor.

Protection against overcharging:
As soon as the cut-off voltage is reached the solar controller disconnects the charging current. With this, overcharging and damaging the battery is prevented.

Deep discharge protection:
In order to protect the battery against unrepairable damage in the case of deep discharging, the load output will be shut off if the end-point voltage is reached. Depending on the chosen setting, the load output remains off respectively will be switched on automatically, if the battery has been recharged sufficiently. End-point voltage and reactivation voltage can be parameterized individually via display respectively via software. An optical warning (LED) is given shortly before the end-point threshold is reached.

Protection against short circuit and reverse polarity:
The controller is secured against short circuit and reverse polarity by means of a flat fuse.




Parameterization and monitoring of the solar controller via PC
A connection between the solar controller and PC may be established by virtue of the USB interface. With the windows software the charging profile, deep discharge protection, temperature coefficient, load output functions, time and date can be configured on the PC. Furthermore, the operation data of the solar system can be protocolled, monitored, exported in *.txt format for evaluation.

Data recording and evaluation with the free software
The following parameters are recorded every second: time (Time), battery voltage (Voltage), battery charging current (Charge current), load current (Load current) and temperature (Temperature). For detailed information regarding the software please refer to the operation manual of the SCplus/SCDplus series.



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