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Digital sine wave inverters convert reliably and precisely a 12 V respectively a 24 V direct current voltage
into a 230 V alternating voltage with true sine wave characteristic. IVT inverters offer an independent
power supply wherever it is needed: on the go or stationary, stand-alone or in combination with alternative
energy sources such as solar or wind power.

All digital sine wave inverters by IVT are characterized by the following performance features:

True sine wave alternating voltage 230 V/50 Hz
• Microprocessor controlled electronic
• Galvanic isolation
• Power start function
High peak output power
• Standby function
• Adjustable deep discharge protection
• Protection against reverse polarity, overvoltage, short circuit, overload
• Remote control
• E-mark certification
• Robust metal housing
• Light weight

Whether stationary or mobile – the digital sine wave inverters by IVT are versatile in their application.
With their great power range between 300 W – 4000 W as well as the twice as high peak output power
and a considerable amount of accessories allow for an exact customizing to your requirements.

Galvanic isolation, short circuit and overload protection – with these and further standard safety features
you can always rely on your IVT inverter, whenever it matters.

Nearly all modern electronic devices require a precise input voltage.
All IVT inverters of the DSW series convert a battery voltage of 12 V respectively 24 V into a true sine wave
alternating voltage of 230 V/50 Hz at the output.
Thus even sensitive electrical consumers, such as notebooks, TV sets and charging or measuring devices
may be operated safely, precisely and reliably.

Our inverters are robust, light in weight, maintenance-free and function in comparison to emergency generators
noise and scent free. Today they are being used in many mobile and stationary applications in the fields
of craftsmanship, service, long distance traffic and construction vehicles, in emergency vehicles
of fire service, police, technical emergency support or rescue dog units, in mobile homes and allotment
gardens as well as in agriculture and pond farming.

Sometimes individualized solutions are required. Gladly we modify our products to suit your expectations
or manufacture products according to your requirements.

Quality commitment – 3 years manufacturer warranty:

IVT products are manufactured with high quality, in accordance with strict quality guidelines.
We are so convinced of the longevity of our products that we extend the legally
required manufacturer warranty by another year, free of cost.