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Construction of an isle system with direct current and alternating
current consumers
An isle system for the independent supply with solar energy normally
consists of the following components:

1. One (more) solar panel (s)
2. One solar charger (controller)
3. One (more) solar battery (ies)
4. Direct current consumers (e.g. 12 VDC LED light)
5. One inverter, if alternating current (AC) is needed
6. Alternating current consumers (e.g. 230 VAC light, TV set)

The solar panel (1) will be connected to the solar charger (2). The two cables (±)
should be well dimensioned, in ordered to avoid power losses.
The solar charger (2) will be connected to the solar battery (3) and eventually with the DC
electrical consumers (4). The solar charger should be dimensioned at least 10 % higher
than the maximum current of the solar panels.
The battery cables and the cables to the consumers should always contain a fuse.
The inverter (5) will always be connected to the battery (3), never directly to the solar charger (2),
as otherwise the solar charger could be damaged. This cable should also contain a fuse.
To the inverter the 230 VAC electrical consumers may be connected. The safety regulations
for electrical installations must be observed during installation.

With this isle systems you can build your individual energy source which you can use
anywhere. All systems are fully functional after 3–7 days of charging time.
The solar batteries should be located in an enclosed and dry room.

MPPTplus+ solar controller

Experience the individuality of your solar system!

With the new devices of the MPPTplus+ Series this must not remain an utopic dream.
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With the optional accessories, Touch-Screen FB and Webbox you can achieve further
adjustments of your solar system. For example you may customize the cut-off voltage,
the value of the deep-discharge protection or the temperature compensation. Further it is possible
to save your operation data on conventional memory cards and evaluate it on your PC.
Data and settings from the Webbox may be displayed and modified via smartphone and PC.