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OEM products

Various areas of application require individualized customization.

During the development of our products, it is our main focus to address as many customer requirements
and areas of application as possible but always at a fair cost-benefit ratio. This way, IVT creates versatile,
robust, precise and safe products. Should you additionally have special wishes and requirements regarding
our products, we gladly adapt them according to your specifications or develop individualized solutions.

Individualized branding & design:
You would like our products in an individualized housing or design, printed with your own logo
and your product name. We will do it!

Individualized product development:
Should the product you require not even exist in this particular version, we develop it according
to your specifications.

Individualized technical features:
We are able to achieve almost every desired modification on already existing products.

Some of the most requested examples are:

• Country specific adaptation of the sockets and connection terminals
• Voltage adaptation
• Enhancement or increase of the protection type

and much more.

Individualized accessories:
Should you further require special accessories or wish to have the already offered accessories
modified or branded, we gladly do it for you.

Personal counselling:
We gladly make time for counseling you regarding individualized solutions by phone or in-house.
We are available
Monday to Thursday from 8.00 –17.30, Friday from 8.00 –15.30

under the following phone number:

+49 (0) 9622 71991-0

Extended warranty:

Self-evidently we also grant a 3 year manufacturer warranty on all products which are built and designed
according to your wishes and specifications.

Successful application:
For over 20 years, IVT operates successfully in the scope of inverters, voltage converters, solar technology
and portable light. Thus, it is no surprise that our products are used in many industries – often adapted
to the individualized requests of our customer.

Modified IVT inverters are already used in the following areas of application:

• Vehicle equipment
• Air traffic
• Construction vehicles and equipment
• Seawater conditioning systems
• Communication systems
• Development aid